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We design with a passion.
Web sites, smartphone software, web marketing and communication projects: here at HCE we love to develop quality stuff.


23 Jun 2016

Responsive version of

We have released the responsive version of Ivomilan's website. With three different modes of operation, desktop, tablet and smartphone, it...

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2 Mar 2015

New site for Hotel Saturnia & International in Venice

We've designed the new site for Venice's 4 star Hotel Saturnia & International.  The site is fully responsive, and feature a...

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18 Feb 2015

Callido Project: a new way of managing cultural heritage

The Project is an online catalogue of all the organs built by Italian master builder Callido. The catalogue includes an...

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24 Oct 2014

Bernardelli Stores' new e-commerce site is online

We've designed the new e-commerce site for Bernardelli Group, a famous Italian fashion retailer. Project Info >   Direct Link...

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18 Mar 2013

New headquarters for HCE Web Design

Our Padua office has moved!

It's time to move for HCE Web Design's staff: we have relocated to a new, much bigger office in the...

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Website design

A company's website has become the very centre of its communication strategy. It is the place where every potential customer, supplier or investor can find the most important information about the company itself: from potential...

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Dynamic websites development

A company's or an institution's website is the place where everyone expects to find information which is always accurate and up-to-date. If a website's content is always fresh, its visitors will have a good impression...

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On-line publishing systems

The media are always raving about the new digital era, in which paper publications will give way to new digital media, which are less expensive, more flexible and environment-friendly. We must say that we love...

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Search engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential component in the development of a professional website, since it allows the website to receive visits from quality users who are interested in the products and services offered,...

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Web marketing

The Internet has opened up a great quantity of new channels of communication with customers: from e-mail newsletters (a promotional tool which is almost cost-free, but has a very high spam potential) to techniques that...

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In Italy, especially after the so-called 'Internet bubble' burst, there's still some degree of diffidence towards the Internet as a means of direct sales to the users. The smarter businessmen are taking advantage of this...

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More and more institutions and schools feel the need of overcoming the traditional 'in person' teaching systems to adopt on-line solutions that integrate them or even replace them. Thanks to its contribution in creating and...

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