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Web marketing

The Internet has opened up a great quantity of new channels of communication with customers: from e-mail newsletters (a promotional tool which is almost cost-free, but has a very high spam potential) to techniques that collect user feedback, from search engine placement to paid ads. Each and every channel has its pros and cons, its own methodology and caveats.

Being able to choose the best combined strategy in order to maximize the ROI of each channel is a must for every serious investment in the Internet. It is useless to send thousands of e-mails to potential customers if they are spam and are filed as such by mail programs, and it's useless to spend big sums in ads if the website the ads are pointing to isn't capable of turning visitors into buyers.

HCE is the right partner for the development of global strategies which maximize the ROI of your presence in the Internet by integrating high-profile web design, strategies to build customer loyalty, search engine optimization techniques and custom-made Internet-based applications.

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