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Web design

On-line publishing systems

The media are always raving about the new digital era, in which paper publications will give way to new digital media, which are less expensive, more flexible and environment-friendly. We must say that we love the good old paper and think that it will remain a very important medium, but we are also more than ready to help you make the transition to the new digital era, where an article or an opinion can reach all over the world in less than a second.

We create on-line magazines with advanced editorial functions: from text revision management to multi-tiered editorial roles and RSS feeds. We also create custom Internet publishing applications for companies with specific needs.

We have created on-line portals that have thousands of unique visitors per day, and compete with national newspapers and government websites. Our websites are structurally optimized for the search engines, and use the best open-source publishing software or custom-made software that can meet the most sophisticated demands.

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