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Web design

Accessible websites design

National legislation concerning website accessibility can be quite tricky, especially because most W3C requirements for accessibility cannot be verified by a machine, but are a set of best practices which must be followed by the web designer and generally cannot be tested by non-experts.

A website is accessible when its textual contents are separated from their visual presentation, so that users using screen readers (software which 'reads' to a user the contents of a website) can access all of the contents regardless of how they are laid out in the page. It is also very important to respect W3C standards for HTML and CSS, because a malformed HTML can create serious problems to screen readers.

HCE creates accessible sites keeping compromises on graphic design to a minimum: while many accessible websites aren't really that pleasing to the eye, our knowledge of CSS - Liquid Design techniques allows us to create sophisticated layouts without compromising standard compliance.

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