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Web design

Website design

A company's website has become the very centre of its communication strategy. It is the place where every potential customer, supplier or investor can find the most important information about the company itself: from potential customers who want information about the company's products, to suppliers looking for the right phone number, to acquired customers who are looking for after-sales services.

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Dynamic websites development

A company's or an institution's website is the place where everyone expects to find information which is always accurate and up-to-date. If a website's content is always fresh, its visitors will have a good impression of the company, and will be able to find a lot of the information they're looking for without resorting to telephone calls or e-mails.

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On-line publishing systems

The media are always raving about the new digital era, in which paper publications will give way to new digital media, which are less expensive, more flexible and environment-friendly. We must say that we love the good old paper and think that it will remain a very important medium, but we are also more than ready to help you make the transition to the new digital era, where an article or an opinion can reach all over the world in less than a second.

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The 'craftsmanship' of the web

HTML was born as a simple language meant to publish academic reports, and was later extended to meet the growing demands of the Internet's public. The browser wars (remember Netscape?) and the battles for the definition of standards has left us with a web made of non-standard sites which look different in every browser, and whose source code is often created with automatic software which produces redundant tags and needlessly complex layouts.

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Many websites are totally inaccessible to users with visual or motion disabilities. Complex navigation interfaces, excessive use of images and animations in page content, low attention to web standards all lead to a world wide web that excludes many people.

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Accessible websites design

National legislation concerning website accessibility can be quite tricky, especially because most W3C requirements for accessibility cannot be verified by a machine, but are a set of best practices which must be followed by the web designer and generally cannot be tested by non-experts.

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Who needs an accessible website?

Implementing techniques to enhance a website's accessibility is not just a requirement for public bodies. It is also a very convenient and useful thing for many organizations. The ease with which the Internet allows one to find information and purchase products or service from home makes it the ideal tool for people with sensory or motion disabilities.

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