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Archivio 'Pace diritti umani'

Archivio 'Pace diritti umani'


Human Rights




The Interdepartmental Centre on Human Rights and the Rights of Peoples, created in 1982, is the structure of the University of Padua devoted to carrying out educational, training and research activities in the field of human rights.

The purpose of the Centre is promoting research and interdisciplinary studies in the field of human rights and the rights of peoples, of peace and multidimensional security, of democracy and good government, developing in this direction the international collaborations already activated with analogous European and international centres.

The site organizes a huge amount of data in a clear and easy to use navigation architecture. The site contains several databases comprising audio, video, documents in various formats and picture galleries.

The site has been designed for maximum accessibility, including keyboard shortcuts and standard-compliant XHTML and CSS Style Sheets.

It has undergone a restyling in 2015, adding a responsive template for better accessibility.


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