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contents organization and usability


Many university sites suffer from poor organization, since their contents are created separately by several different structures which do not communicate with one another.

This translates in a general lack of homogeneity in the presentation of information and, inevitably, users have difficulties in finding information.

HCE has the know-how and experience to re-organize information and its presentation in order to maximize its effectiveness.


on-line publishing


Considering the growing costs of traditional paper scientific journals and all of the limitations in their availability and circulation, the internet is a valid resource to keep expenses low and maximise the impact of articles, lesson material and even whole books.


interactive instruments for on-line research and discussion communities


Although the internet has developed from structures designed to exchange data between universities and research centres, the potential of the web is still highly unexploited in many academic areas.

A site can become the virtual meeting place where researchers who work on the same project in different cities and states can exchange observations and research materials like texts, images or any other document which can be digitalized.

The level of development of the research can be monitored in restricted-access areas or be published to the world wide web community.

There's a huge number of instruments which can be used for these purposes: from automatic mailing systems to discussion forums, from chats to audio/video streaming systems.


on-line teaching tools


A university course can profit heavily from having its on-line area where lesson material can be published and where a new kind of communication between teacher and students can be established.

HCE has a direct experience in installing, customizing and maintaing e-learning platforms for on-line courses.



real-time content updating


If the site of an institution is to offer a real service to those that surf it, it must be updated continuously: times of lessons and seminars, requirements for scholarships and doctorates, as well as dates of exams, must be published as quickly as possible, and as easily as on a bullettin board.

HCE offers several dynamic solutions, from database-driven web sites to restricted areas for content updating.

Each project is custom-created taking into account the level of computer knowledge of the personnel who will be in charge of updating the content.


internationalized contents


The international relationships between universities keep increasing, both with research and student exchanges.

It is important that the information contained in a site is understandable to the highest number of visitors possible.

Thanks to its knowledge of the main european languages, HCE can easily create multi-language sites.

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