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HCE creates personalized e-commerce web sites using its own custom software. The software can manage any kind of goods, and multiple gateways and delivery systems. It can communicate with company management software, and the website can be tailored to match the type of product on sale, and can be optimized easily for search engines.


content organisation and ease of surfing


The internet is the ideal instrument to keep your customers aware of the activities, products and services of your firm.

However, in order for the communication to be effective, it is necessary to give the information a structured layout and to make it available to the vast majority of the web site visitors.


administration interfaces for on-line content updating


In order for a site to be able to constantly attract the interest of customers, the information it contains must be updated constantly: new products, special offers, exhibitions and so on, must be visible on the company site as soon as possible, often the very day they're introduced.

HCE offers several dynamic solutions, ranging from interacting with custom-created or existing databases to the creation of administration interfaces where the company's personnel can update the contents on the site.

Every solution is designed taking into account the level of computer knowledge of the end user.


instruments for the interaction with the customer


There are several ways of having customer feedback on the internet, from forms that allow the customers to send comments, suggestions and requests for information very quickly to the creation of real-time user preference statistics.


how opposites meet: effective web design and high download speed


Many web sites still suffer from an excessive overall file size: it is often counterproductive to have a potential customer wait for minutes and then show her/him a simple animation of the company logo.

HCE, thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the Internet medium, can desing sites that are aesthetically pleasing but load very fast, allowing the visitors to gain access to the available information without delay.


the european marketplace


HCE can translate your site into italian, german and french without the need of external help.

We also have the technological and cultural know-how to create internet content in almost any language.

Your site will suffer from no language barrier!


innovative management solutions in the web


The internet offers several possibilities for innovative management strategies, from on-line databases to e-procurement, from on-line personnel recruitment to e-learning staff training.

Contact us to discuss which solutions could be interesting to expand and update your management instruments.

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