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Cultural institutions and operators


instruments for the publishing of cultural material on the web


Museums, galleries, foundations and the like often have the need to publish and distribute, often to a limited number of people, materials like press releases, catalogues with pictures and illustrations, research results.

Since the costs of publishing on paper keep growing, and considering the fact that paper publications take time and money to circulate, internet is the ideal resource to cut down expenses and publish information quickly and effectively.



promotional strategies and interactive instrument for the creation of communities


The ideal means of promoting cultural activities is to give people who share the same interest the chance to communicate and create a community.

Therefore, beside the normal strategies used to increase the visibility of a site in the internet (ads, banners, search engines), it can be useful to create a site where people can communicate and exchange material.

Interaction can take place within restricted areas or be made public, and take profit of a number of instruments, from automatic mailing systems to discussion forums, from chats to audio-video streaming systems.


real-time content updating


If the site of an institution is to offer a real service to those that surf it, it must be updated continuously: the success of cultural events depends heavily on how fast the news travel; and news must be easy to publish.

HCE offers several dynamic solutions, from database-driven web sites to restricted areas for content updating.

Each project is custom-created taking into account the level of computer knowledge of the personnel who will be in charge of updating the content.


how opposites meet: effective web design and high download speed


Many web sites still suffer from an excessive overall file size: it is often counterproductive to have a potential customer wait for minutes and then show her/him a simple animation of a logo.

HCE, thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the Internet medium, can desing sites that are aesthetically pleasing but load very fast, allowing the visitors to gain access to the available information without delay.


foreign tourists and cultural relationships with foreign countries


Thanks to its knowledge of the main european languages, HCE can create sites for an international public.

Besides being able to translate directly a site into italian, french and german, HCE has both the cultural and the technological know-how to create dynamic websites in any language.

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