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Press and publishing


on-line publishing


The internet is inevitably finding its own place beside the traditional forms of paper publishing.

Facing this epoch-defining change means understanding how the two ways of publishing can integrate and add value to each other, and being constantly aware of the structural and technical differences that exist between them.

HCE is the ideal partner to develop communication strategies that take these instances into account. synergies between web and traditional publishing

An internet site can be the ideal companion to paper publications such as books, magazines and papers.

In order to keep customers faithful it is important to offer them extra contents that cannot fit in the paper format, chances of immediate feedback, multimedia contents, lists of errata and so on.

Readers can find a new 'home' on the Internet if they are offered the chance to discuss books and articles with the author or fellow readers, via forums, mailing lists, chats, etc.


content organization and usability


The internet is the ideal means to publish any sort of content, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

However, in order for this communication to be effective, the contents of the site must be organized coherently and must be easy to find for all of the site's visitors.


real-time content updating


A site's contents must be updated continuously, if it wants to keep users coming back.

HCE offers several dynamic solutions, from database-driven web sites to restricted areas for content updating.

Each project is custom-created taking into account the level of computer knowledge of the personnel who will be in charge of updating the content.


foreing authors and readers


Thanks to its knowledge of the main european languages, HCE can create sites for an international public.

Besides being able to translate directly a site into italian, french and german, HCE has both the cultural and the technological know-how to publish on the web in any language.

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