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Public administration


content organization and usability


The internet is the ideal medium to keep the citizenship up to date on services and activities of the public administration.

However, in order for this communication to be effective, the contents of the site must be organized coherently and must be easy to find for all of the site's visitors. A website which must provide a service to all citizens must be able to overcome the technological barriers which can prevent them from being able to access the site's contents. Both disabled citizens and citizens using an obsolete computer can have difficulties in accessing contents of a site that does not adhere to web standards.

HCE has the right know-how to build simple navigation interfaces which respect accessibility legislations and make navigating a big informative website easy.


interaction tools for the citizenship


In order to offer the citizens the best possible services, they should be able to access a set of tools that allow them to interact directly with the public administration. Implementing this kind of tools allows the citizens to send suggestions, petitions, questions and the like, and to receive current and detailed information.

This kind of exchange can both be individual and private (carried out with content encryption to preserve privacy) or collective and public, using a vast variety of tools: from automatic mailing tools to discussion forums, from online chats to audio/video streaming systems.



real-time content updating


Keeping a site's visitors' interest high is not an easy task: the information and contents it features must be updated continuously.

This is especially true for public admistrations, which have the necessity of keeping up to date information on office times, required documents for certifications, etc.

HCE offers several dynamic solutions, from database-driven web sites to restricted areas for content updating.

Each project is custom-created taking into account the level of computer knowledge of the personnel who will be in charge of updating the content.



foreign tourists and relationships with foreign countries


Thanks to its knowledge of the main european languages, HCE can create sites for an international public.

Besides being able to translate directly a site into italian, french and german, HCE has both the cultural and the technological know-how to publish on the web in any language.

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