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About us

Web site design

HCE s.r.l. * is a company formed by a group of professionals who co-operate in designing web sites and applications. We are convinced that the effectiveness of an internet site is mostly determined by the quality of its contents and its level of usability.

Clear copy and sober graphic design

HCE creates sites that are true communication projects, centered on the organization of information and, thanks to the multidisciplinary curricula of its members, put seamlessly together technical reliability, elegance and an international profile. HCE is proud to specialise on database-driven, highly interactive dynamic sites complete with multimedia elements and high profile graphics. We use the most recent software technologies, choosing open source solutions wherever possible.

Search engine optimization

HCE is the best partner for search engine positioning and optimization campaigns, which can be carried out both on custom-created sites and on existing sites. We only use optimization techniques which fall into the so-called best practices, as defined by the major world SEO associations. HCE can also act as a consultant to evaluate the usability and the quality of communication of your web site.

Logo and grphic design

HCE offers a complete design service, including the creation of logos and coordinated graphics.


* HCE - Hypertext Cultural Experiences and HCE's logo are registered trademarks.

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