Big content? Big team? Multiple touchpoints? You need a Headless CMS

How to implement the composable web and composable commerce

Headless CMSs are the ideal solution to manage big amounts of content and a complex workflow. Content can be delivered easily to apps, websites, mailing tools, internationalized and managed with granular permissions.

Headless CMSs help deliver content to responsive front-ends, as well as integrating nicely in complex e-commerce setups, where they excel in overcoming the limitations of built-in content management features included in most e-commerce platforms. If correctly set up, they can provide you with a real time preview of all the content you’re creating, while you’re creating.

Headless CMSs, however, can add an extra layer of complexity to your systems. It’s easy to get caught up in their vast sets of features when you set them up, and they need to be managed carefully in the long term, in order to avoid content model proliferation and other common technical pitfalls.

Implementing a composable web or a composable commerce solution is not something banal.

Integrating the right way

Headless CMSs are the ideal solution to implement complex design systems. Each component of the design system can be recreated in the CMS and set up with the right content checks. It’s important to correctly map the hierarchy of components and how they are composable in order to correctly match the front-ends that will serve them.

We have experience working with the major Headless CMSs like Storyblok, Contentful and Hygraph on major projects for big corporations, as well as on smaller projects. HCE can help you choose the right one for your requirements, integrate it with various front-ends and manage its caching policies to maximize performance and usability.

Why HCE?

We’ve been working on Internet projects since 2001. We know how stuff works, and what works exactly in each given context. We use modern unit testing and E2E testing techniques in order to guarantee reliability of each Headless CMS solution. We have experience integrating complex design systems from scratch, as well as fixing inadequate implementations.

We have experience working with international corporations as well as SMEs, and in each project we bring our experience and the ability to create a tailor-made solution to fit our client’s needs.

Get in touch

Get in touch if you want to set up a Headless CMS, or you would like a consultancy on an existing implementation. Click on “Contacts” below. We will write back to you within 2 working days.

07 Nov
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