Is your web site too slow?

According to a research by AKAMAI, 53 percent of mobile site visitors will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. A 100-millisecond delay in website load time can hurt conversion rates by 7 percent. 

Most sites are developed and tested with powerful computers on fast connections. But many more users than you think browse the Internet using a cheap smartphone on a bad connection, so performance optimization is a must.

A pretty face is not enough

Having a beautiful site with great images and a well-designed user interface is not enough.

Sometimes even high-quality, high-revenue website have been developed under very tight deadlines, without the proper time to do everything the right way. Your site might be working perfectly, and have no major bugs, but still underperform in terms of load speed. If your site doesn’t load fast enough, page after page, users will simply get annoyed and leave. Your competition is just a click away.

HCE provides consulting services to help you improve your site’s speed. We fully test your website reproducing real-world circumstances, find its faults and provide a list of actionable solutions ordered by priority and ease of implementation. This way you can implement the easier stuff first, to reap benefits as soon as possible, and plan more complicated optimizations in due time.

Find the right website performance consultant

Why choose

We use reproducible automated tests, so we can test scientifically if the remedies we suggested have been applied correctly and the resulting improvement. We follow all of the industry’s recommended best practices, and we have written articles about some of them too.

We have delivered high-performance web sites for major brands like Maserati, and carried out performance optimization activities for major e-commerce firms like OVS.

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07 Nov
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