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Hat tip to:

* Claudio Peressin for his gorgeous handwriting

* Marco Maschietto and Simone Marcuzzo for mastering the art of cinematography

* Karine Sérafin for sharing her absolute pitch

* Max Mastella for transforming a refined 18th century string quintet into a home computer game soundtrack

* Luigi Boccherini for composing the first movement of his Op. 31, No. 2 on the theme H-C-E (german style notation) and by that prophetically anticipating Joyce's Finnegans Wake (and our existence...)
• Intro •

Let's talk tech

What to expect from this section

This section of our website is for those who already know a bit about tech and are looking for the ideal IT partner for their company or agency. We will add here, whenever possible, all the news concerning our works in progress and we will add a summary of main articles from our company blog. 

• Front end •

Developing responsive websites in 2018

The wonderful world of progressive enhancement

We develop reactive and interactive HTML5 + CSS3 applications. We preferably use pure ECMAScript for the sake of performance. We test our work in our internal Device Lab, automating tests wherever necessary.

We optimize applications, especially mobile ones, by design, we do not wait for go-live day to worry about performance. The Speed Index is our daily bread and often the sites we create for our clients are 5 times faster than the competition's.

Here are some technologies we use (in random order): Vue.js, Babel, Webpack, Gulp, NPM, Node.js, GreenSock, TweenMax, JQuery, ECMAScript 6+, Velocity, Incandenza, ReactJS, Foundation, Bootstrap, BEM, CanIUse, CodePen, WebGL, three.js, D3.js, Mocha, JsDom, Jest, Nightwatch, MJML, Foundation for Emails, et cetera.

[One of the above name is not really the name of a software or technology, but a David Foster Wallace character. Considering the number of different pieces of software that cause the so-called Javascript Fatigue, you might not have noticed. We will give you a discount if you find it without googling.]

• Back end and System Integration •

What's under the hood?

Open-source based custom solutions only

We were born with PHP and we know it thoroughly, including its most recent incarnations which make it a powerful and versatile programming language, regardless of the hype. We don't mind using Node.js. We tend to avoid ASP.NET. We have developed PHP e-commerce applications with millions of visitors and millions of transactions.

We have created three generations of our internal custom framework and CMS (the last of which is integrated with Laravel). We have created a framework for the rapid prototyping of front-end applications and a framework for the creation of Wordpress themes and applications. We also develop and manage integrations for the Moodle LMS.

Some of the technologies we use (in random order): PHP, Laravel, Node.Js, Python, Java, Symfony, Zend, Moodle, Git, GitLab, GitHub, Toggl, Slack, Vagrant, Wordpress, Drupal, FinneganCDS, HCE Microframework, MySQL, Ubuntu, ArchLinux, CentOS, RedHat Server, CloudFront, CloudFlare, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

• Case Studies •

Spotlight on our new website

Smashing effects and dynamic interaction

We have decided to use Vue.js for this website. Vue (/vju:/)  is a JavaScript framework which is part of the recent trend towards event-driven programming and the transformation of JavaScript in a unified language for front and back end. 

One of the advantages o Vue is incremental adoption. With the purpose of creating a bleeding-edge website, we have selected the most robust front-end development libraries and we have stitched them together with Vue to achieve the maximum possible integration.

The site's project, which has been created using Standard Style Javascript, has become a sort of company lab for pair programming, and we have used several of the most interesting developments in the recent history of the Node.js community.

The end result is that the website looks like an app: persistent menu on every page, fluid transition between pages, 100% responsive with progressive enhancement, highly interactive contents (flow chart, pong application), original animations such as matrix transforms in the flow chart, as well as the interactive balloon roadmap in the Strategy section.

Yes, of course, we know, "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...", but it works, doesn't it?

07 Nov
Honorable Mention
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